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A funny way to start a blog some may say, but the point is we are a Manchester agency and we’re damn well proud of it! We love our home city and there’s so much inspiration and opportunity around us to thrive from. But we also know that these opportunities don’t come as easy to everyone. Read the rest of this entry »

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8 Ways to #BeBetter

By: Amy Brown

Team code

Back in December we were tasked with creating a Team Code. Something that ensured we continued to grow as a team, as an agency and could all relate to and use everyday.

With Forbes 2016 rating Event Coordinators as the fifth most stressful job, we felt it was important that everyone feels there is something in place to make sure we don’t take those pressures out on each other or feel like we’re working alone.

Here at Rapport, we use our team code to inspire a positive change both individually and as a team. This blog is all about giving you an insight into what we’ve included in our team code and why it’s important and unique to us.

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Involve to inspire

By: Abi Humayun

ONE-2614 copy

Everyone knows the power of storytelling in employee engagement, right? Search the web and there are thousands of stories extolling the virtues of a good story being directed from a leader to their people to engage them in a desired message. Equally, it’s common knowledge that if you want to deliver a powerful presentation, it’s important to root one of your points in a personal experience or anecdote.

However, how many businesses can hand on heart say that they are taking the power of storytelling a step further by listening to and sharing the stories of their people to help bring their vision to life?

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Lydia’s Placement

By: Guest Blogger

Top-Banner-01 copy

Towards the end of my 1st year studying Theatre and Performance at University of Leeds I realised it would be useful to undertake some work experience. Because like most students, I haven’t the faintest idea of what I would like to do.

Now you may be thinking what is a drama student doing in an agency like Rapport?

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Better People Make Better All Blacks

By: Chris Teague

Header Image

Better People Make Better All Blacks

Our culture is our USP and our number one priority – as we grow we want to maintain this and embed it as the way we do business: we lead rather than follow, we strive to be better than before and we respect one another.

So with this in mind several of us have been reading two key books in this area and I’d like to share some of the key insights.

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What is People Activation?

By: Anna Callaghan

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So, when I was asked to write a blog for Friday 1st April, I thought at first that it might be an April Fool, but it’s not! It is a chance for me to make a statement and express myself. So, here is my story!

Creative Account Management is old hat to me, it’s in my blood. I am a bit of a split personality; totally OCD and organised on one side, but a quirky creative people person on the other. I feel that my personal traits have enabled me to progress a great career in account management. I can herd the cats and get things done while keeping the client happy with a cheeky grin on my face! However, I came to realise that although the role was a great fit for me, my old industry maybe was not, so now I find myself starting a new adventure in people activation!

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Pooch Power at Rapport

By: Guest Blogger

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 17.27.35

Let’s have a round of a-paws for our previous visitors;
Jasper the Labrador, Lassie the Mini Shetland Sheepdog,
Oscar the golden retriever, and Summer the Beagle.

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The ebb and flow of feedback

By: Guest Blogger

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 17.22.52

We first met Marc in 2008 when he shared his story of an exceptional journey from adversity to victory. It’s one that resonates with every audience he’s stood before. Since 2008 Marc has been a friend and trusted speaker on range of topics including elite performance, leadership and communication. 

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Two weeks of inspiration

By: Amy Brown


Two weeks of inspiration

Apparently Christmas was 26 days ago. It feels like 206!! What a two weeks it’s been to start the New Year. So for the first blog of the 2016 I thought best to look at what’s been inspiring the Rapport team and beating those January blues …

Inspiring Numbers

85 – Working days until the madness of our April program of events begins

9470 – people activated by the end of May

2700 – square foot of new office space!

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3 Lessons we can learn from our favourite Christmas films

By: Guest Blogger


3 lessons we can learn from our favourite christmas films. With good tidings, comes great responsibilities.

It’s finally December and the countdown begins! You can guarantee the usual Christmas films will greet us on our TV sets this year. Just as you can guarantee to be left with the Quality Street rejects that no-one else wanted.

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